Welcome to Bag-It! The company that is constantly trying to make your life easier! Our product, Compack, is a backpack that aims to fulfill all of your needs! Compack is for every occasion and for everyone! We seek to please our clients with our multiple styles and colors while at the same time never forgetting our essence as an ecological company!

Hope you will enjoy Compack!

And please, if you have any doubts, complaints or needs, do not hesitate to contact us on our complaining area: or call 0800-3359-7071

Bag it staff

CEO (General management):Victoria Borsotto
CCO(Communication): Rodrigo Verney
CMO(Marketing):Raphaela Ruddy
CFO(Finances):Guilherme Vodovoz
CPO(Personnel):Ana Beatriz Macedo
COO(Operation):João Pedro Stipp

Costumer service

Our team is ready to listen to your feedback to better understand your problems, therefore improving our projects to better suit your need

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